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Why DealerStore is The Best Extra Income Opportunity For You

10 Reasons to Start Your DealerStore Online Business Today

1. Virtually No Overhead

Where else can you get everything you need to run your own online business right from your home without all of the overhead. Look at the money you save by choosing DealerStore:

Professional Web Design $4,500
Shopping Cart $2,500
Custom Shop By Vehicle Database $16,000
Data Entry 18,000 Skus $18,000
Administration for Pricing, Promotion & Reports $10,100
Sales Reports & Commission Tracking $1,100
Set Up Merchant Account $500
SSL Secure Transaction Set Up $299
Our Set Up Price $299

2. A Proven Site That Converts Traffic

With over 22,000 orders DealerStore is a proven eCommerce web site that works. And we are constantly improving it to help you convert more sales .

3. A Strong Support Team for You & Your Customers

Dealerstore wants you to be successful because your success is our success. That's why DealerStore supports you with outstanding customer service for you and your customers. We provide you Merchandising, Product Technical Support, Internet Technical Support and Customer Service. No other company gives you so much support for so little.

4. We Keep It Simple (No Technical Knowledge Required)

So many Web Sites are complex and difficult to understand. Not DealerStore. You have a simple interface to do your marketing promotions, manage your mailing list, check on your orders sold and manage your pricing with video help tutorials for each area.

5. You Can Try Before You Buy

There is no risk to try a DealerStore web site simply sign up and we won't charge your card for the first 14 days. If you decide to cancel you pay nothing. You have nothing to lose. Plus if you still aren't happy for any reason we have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on the monthly hosting fee.

6. Reliable Company with A Proven History

DealerStore has been around for over 6 years and has generated several million dollars in automotive accessory sales. We used to only work with auto dealerships but now you can have all of the same great functionality we gave the auto dealers for a fraction of the price of a web site.

7. Work When You Want & How Much You Want

This is the perfect business for someone who wants to work part-time or full-time. From your home or from the beach. A DealerStore web site gives you the freedom to work at your pace wherever it and whenever it is convenient for you. Your web site will be working for you 24/7 and because DealerStore handles all your web sites order process, fulfillment and customer service, you get to sit back and relax once your marketing efforts are done.

8. No Long Term Commitment

You do not have to sign any long term contracts. You can work with DealerStore on a month-to-month basis. There is no penalty for canceling your service if this is not the right business for you.

9. You Don't Have To Be A Marketing Genius

We already have a track record of what works and what does not work and we will provide you access to all of the same marketing tools many of our other clients have used to market your web site. In addition we will provide you white papers and tutorials to make marketing your web DealerStore web site a lot easier.

10. The Best Value to Launch A Business of Your Own

You could easily pay thousands to design a web site with just 1/2 of the functionality and products of a DealerStore web site. We spent millions of dollars developing and improving Dealerstore. And that does not include the Labor Costs you would have to manage and operate a web site with over 14,000 products. You get all of this for only $49 per month plus a set up fee.

Why pay more for so much less when you can have a DealerStore web site and all of the support you need to be successful.

Accelerate Your Ability To Make More Money

Work from Home,
Part-Time or Full Time

Now you can run your own Internet business from home, whenever you have time to work on it. No business experience needed. DealerStore® Makes It Easy, with everything you need to start your online business.


Choose from several different templates to quickly design your site, including a secure shopping cart and ordering system or send in your own custom banner.


You can offer thousands of profitable products that will ship directly to your customers!


Get customers to your site with eMarketing Power Traffic Generator, listing your site in 100 popular search engines & directories.

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